Standard Warranty

Product Category 6 month 1 year 2 years
LED TV's    
Color Televisions (CRT TV)    
Multimedia Speakers    
Induction Cooker    
Washing Machine    
Emergency Light    

Domestic Service Warranty

In the event of your product requiring service, please contact the nearest OSCAR Service Centre / Authorised Service Centre. In case there is no such service centre in your city, please contact 033 23628451(KOLKATA)for assistance.We advise that you read the instruction manual carefully.

We warrantees the OSCAR product to be free from manufacturing defects during the period indicated in the WARANTY CARD .This non-transferable warranty is only for the first end user on purchase from OSCAR Authorised Dealer. OSCAR Service Centres / Authorised Service Centres will repair the product on the terms and conditions below:

  1. Warranty will be valid only when Warranty Card and original Purchase Invoice are presented together for service.
  2. OSCAR reserves the right to decline warranty service, if the above documents are not presented or if the information contained is incomplete or the Warranty Card is found tampered.
  3. This Warranty shall not cover any damages resulting from un-authorised adaptations or adjustments to the product.
  4. This Warranty will be Void if the type or serial no. on the product has been altered, removed or defaced.
  5. This Warranty does not cover any external accessories (such as battery, cable, carrying bag etc.) mentioned in the operating / instruction manual supplied with this product or any cosmetic parts.
  6. This Warranty does not cover damage caused to the product due to improper installation by customer and / or connection of the product to equipment not approved by OSCAR and deficiency in product performance due to signal reception through third party apparatus/equipment or the use of third party software and/or recorded media.
  7. This Warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear to magnetic heads, audio, video, laser pick-ups and TV picture tubes/Panel if the product is used in commercial, business, industrial, educational or rental applications.
  8. This Warranty shall not apply to damages caused to the product by accident, lightening, ingress of water, fire or Acts of God, improper ventilation, dropping or excessive shock or any external cause /or any damage caused due to tampering of the product by an unauthorised agent.

OSCAR reserves the right to replace the defective part with an equivalent and/or reconditioned part.

Do's & Don't Instructions

Service Centres

EASTERN INDIA ---- 033 23628451
NORTHERN INDIA ---- 0120 -2424686 0120 -2424774
EMAIL ----

Service FAQs

Q: How long will it take to repair my product?

A: Subject to complications in repair and your approval of the initial estimate, if the required parts is/are available, your product will be repaired in 4 days time.
Q: How do I know if my product is repaired already?

A: Our representative will call you on the number provided at the time of depositing your product at the service centre and inform you.
Q: Where is the nearest OSCAR Authorized Service Centre from my house?

A: Our Service Centre has been optimised to make finding a service centre in your area as convenient as possible.
     EASTERN INDIA ----- 033 23628451
     NORTHERN INDIA ---- 0120-2424686 0120-2424774
Q: Do you provide home service for OSCAR products? How do I request?

A: Currently we have home service for LCD/LED TV, Audio Hi-Fi and Home Theatre products. You may contact the nearest Service Centre to schedule arrangement.

How can we help you?

1) I'm looking for drivers and software application.

40 LED SOFT Download
32 LED SOFT Download
24 LED SOFT Download
21 LED SOFT Download
19 LED SOFT Download
16 LED SOFT Download

24Led model. L24G-G LE1 CCLR Download
L24G - G41 SCLR Download
24led Download
20" led changes 21led G17 scac Download
24led sw board 1.0cv (small board) Download
24led sw 40ccvv Download
24led-G40ccvv Download
SW (M181) 22LCD, 22LED, 32LCD, 32LED Download
20 LED G15CCVV Download

2) I need help in solving a technical problem.

3) I'm looking for manuals.

Download the Manual LED TV
models 1) 50SM DS.52 & 2) 32XL-SM31

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